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What is BTI Surgifix?



What is BTI Surgifix Made of?

Surgifix is a gauze bandage, which is used for wound dressing. The material of this bandage makes its width and length to be flexible and elastic and keeps the dressings on the wound as a replacement for Band-Aids (it fixes the dressings on the wound). With the help of this bandage, the dressing can be easily changed, especially in the head and face areas.


The Most Widely Used Medical Product:

Surgifix is one the most consumed medical supplies, which is used in hospitals, treatment centers, households, and first aid kits. The quality of this product is very high and it does not tear easily.

Furthermore, due to its elasticity, it is suitable for covering all damaged areas. surgifix is used in rolls for burn injuries.


Types of BTI Surgifixes:

  1. BTI Surgifix for Baby

This surgifix, as illustrated in the picture, is used for holding the umbilical cord clamp of babies after birth.

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  1. BTI Surgifix for Mother:

This surgifix (Medical Shorts) are used after childbirth, for providing hygienic services, such as changing the diapers and sanitary pads of the mother; in addition, all ladies can use it during their menstruation in order not to have any difficulties during exercising. It is also used after gynecological and colostomy surgeries.


  1. BTI Band Fix for Head

This band fix has a laced, soft, and highly-flexible texture, and is used for dressing the head and face areas and fixing and changing the dressings. One of the most significant features of this bandage is the ease of changing head and face dressings.



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