Maher underpad

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Under the patient pad are five skilled layers: with biodegradable eco-friendly pockets
Skilled footrests can be produced in large quantities (60 × 60 simple), (60 × 180 with wings), (70 × 100 simple), (70 × 170 with wings), (100 × 100 simple) and (100) . × 180 with wings) and other sizes requested and in packages of 5 or 10. This skilled 5-layer under pad can absorb 4 liters of liquids and secretions and is used to keep surfaces such as mattresses, beds, sheets, chairs, etc. clean. These pads can ensure the cleanliness of consumers, prevent bed sores and should be replaced after 12 hours of continuous use.
Application of this following pad: 1- For the elderly 2- Pregnancy 3- MS patients
4- Patients with Parkinson’s 5- Patients with spinal cord injuries 6- Children and adults with enuresis, etc.
Features and benefits of using a five-layer patient pad:
Suitable for patients’ beds and mattresses; anti allergy; Has a high absorption of square shape; Prevent the transfer of fluids and secretions from patients who have enuresis to their bed. Prevent children who have nocturnal enuresis from getting to bed. Prevent the transfer of secretions that occur after surgery and after cleaning patients’ wounds. Prevent the transfer of secretions to the mother’s bed after childbirth. Can be used for weak and sedentary patients; With soft and silky texture; It has 2.5 cm inverted edges along each side to prevent liquid leakage. The bottom layer is non-slip and prevents liquids from penetrating the sheets. The bottom layer is elastic (tear resistant)
The bottom pad is made of 5 protective layers that include:
Adsorption layer P
Texture layer
A layer of dough made with SAP powder
Texture layer
Polyethylene film layer