Hamyar underpad

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Hamyar Five-Layer Patient Underpad: With Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Pocket

Hamyar underpad can be produced in large quantities, in (60×90 simple), (60×180 with wings), (70×100 simple), (70×170 with wings), (100×100 simple), and (100×180 with wings), and other requested sizes, and in packs that include 5 or 10 pieces. These underpads can absorb 5 liters of fluids and secretions, and are used for keeping the surfaces clean, such as the surface of mattresses, beds, bed sheets, chairs, etc.; these pads can ensure the consumers about cleanness, prevents bedsores, and must be changed after 12 hours of uninterrupted use; however, due to its high quality, it can be used for 24 hours in urgent cases.

Application of this underpad: 1- for old people   2- pregnancy   3- MS patients

4- patients who are suffering from Parkinson 5- patients who have spinal cord injuries   6 – kids and adults who have enuresis, etc.


Features and Advantages of Using Five-Layer Patient Underpad:

Appropriate for the beds and mattresses of patients; anti-allergic; highly-absorbent; square-shaped form; preventing the transmission of liquids and secretions of patients who have enuresis to their beds; preventing the transmission of urine of kids who have enuresis to their beds; preventing the transmission of secretions that are caused after surgery and after cleaning the wounds of patients; preventing the transmission of secretions to the beds of mothers after childbirth; usable for weak and less mobile patients; with a soft and silk-nature texture; with 2.5 centimeters revers edges on the lengths of each side for preventing the leakage of liquids; the under layer is non-slippery and prevents the permeation of liquids to the bed sheets; the under layer is elastic (Tear resistant)


The underpad is made of 5 protective layers, including:

  • P absorbing layer
  • Tissue layer
  • Layer of paste that is made with SAP powder
  • Tissue layer
  • PE film layer