Behnam Teb Iranian Company is the first producing company dealing with production of Hospital Celluloid Substrates of 5 layers, in Iran. Our company commenced its operation in December 2013 and currently, operated in Garmsar Industrial Town located in Semnan Province with annual capacity of 8000 tons. Our company employing specialized and professional staff is trying to take an important step in production of Iranian products of quality.

Behnam Teb Iranian Company’s motto “Better Results” and “Better Care” directs us to use best and quality raw materials in production of Hospital Substrate in different sizes for all patients including: elders, children suffering enuresis, pregnant women, infants, surgery operations and veterinary centers caring pets, … while being helpful in Health Industry, Personal and Public Hygiene. Behnam Teb Iranian Company has usually taken part in different exhibitions of medical equipment and makes its best efforts to offer best products and contribute to health and wellbeing of Iranians and gloriously supports medical and health service areas in Iran.

Underpads which supply by Behnam Teb Iranian Co.
If you or someone you love is dealing with incontinence, it is important to protect your bedding. Bedding can easily become ruined when exposed to urine. Behnam Teb Iranian Co. offers a variety of incontinence supplies designed to help you protect your mattress, sheets, and other furniture from damage.

Bed pads and underpads are designed to be placed on top of your mattress and sheets to help keep them dry during the night. You can also use underpads to help protect furniture like couches and armchairs. Simply place the incontinence pad on top of the surface you want to protect, making sure that the absorbent side is facing upwards. It is important to know that some bed pads are designed with greater absorbency than others. It is always wise to use more than one method of protection. For example, you may want to wear incontinence underwear to bed at night and also lay down a bed pad underneath you to help minimize the damage from potential leaks that might get through.

Many bed pads are disposable. Disposable bed pads are very convenient because they don’t create any additional laundry and you don’t need to worry about cleanup. Instead, you can simply wrap the used bed pad up and dispose of it in the trash. Disposable underpads are typically sold by Behnam Teb Iranian Co. in packs of 5 or 10 sheets, so you can purchase a supply at an affordable price through our products.

Disposable underpads by Behnam Teb Iranian Co. are also known as disposable bedpads, bed sheets or chair pads. They are available with blue colour plastic backings and are made from very high quality materials. These are designed to hold them firmly in place on the bed. Behnam Teb Iranian Co. disposable underpads (also known as mattress pads or chucks) are sheets of ultra-absorbent fabric designed to lie atop wheelchairs, bedding, or furniture. Their primary purpose is to contain incontinence-related leakage, and the multi-layered protection they offer ensures that your household surfaces will remain sanitary.

Behnam Teb Iranian Company
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